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Can I get service at my address?
To find out if you are eligible for Ruralnet wireless internet service, just call 1-877-Ruralnet (1-877-787-2563) and provide your address to us. We’ll do a computer line study and if it’s questionable, we’ll come out for a free evaluation. There’s no obligation to sign up and your address is only used to look up your location to determine if service is available to you. It will never be shared or used in any other way.

Why should I choose Ruralnet wireless internet over other possible providers?
1. Ruralnet wireless is all about speed and bandwidth – that means you get a fast internet connection to support your busy lifestyle.
2. We’re your neighbor, we see you at the grocery store, at founder’s days and youth sporting events, we want you to be happy with our service. 
3. We provide a high-quality product that is always on. We do our absolute best to keep everyone up, even when power companies are shutting off power all over the divide, summer, and winter. Most tower locations have generators that are started if the power company goes down, this is our commitment unlike some other companies.
4. We’re honest, if your signal is so-so, we won’t install it. Your connection must be up to our standards to ensure a strong signal. Again, we want you to be happy with our service.
5. We’re here! We provide an 800 number but also provide cell numbers for both service and billing questions. Do other providers provide that, can you reach them?

No long-term contracts!
We’re so confident that you’ll love our service that we do not require any long-term contracts. Your service is provided on a month-to-month basis. If you want to cancel for any reason, contact us and we’ll deactivate your service and pick up the equipment.
What internet speed is right for me? What if I sign up and find that I need more or less speed at any time?
Call us! With so many devices needing a fast, reliable internet connection, getting enough bandwidth to power all of them at the same time is important. We offer several basic packages based upon your household needs. If you find that the package, you’re on is not supporting all of the users in your household or you want to downgrade your package, we are able to change your speed/package from our office and will pro-rate the monthly cost at any time.