A Rural Internet Service Provider
Who is the Internet provider in my area?

​Which Internet company services your area for Internet? To find out if you're eligible for Ruralnet, just call us at 1-877-Ruralnet and we will send a technician out for a free evaluation. There's no obligation to buy anything and your address is only used to look up to determine services—it will never be shared or used in any other way.

Why should I choose Ruralnet Internet?

​Ruralnet is all about speed and bandwidth—that means you get a fast Internet connection, and it's quick and easy to get connected. Unlike dial-up, Ruralnet is an always-on, always-fast connection so everyone can get online at the same time. Ruralnet has the bandwidth to support many of your devices.


​​8 am - 5 pm
​7 days/week

PO Box 146
Pilot Hill CA

What's the difference between Wireless Internet and Satellite?

Most Satellite high-speed Internet packages are unable to support gaming, video download, or just heavy use if you are working from home. In bad weather, Satellite internet slows down to almost dial up speeds. Ruralnet can save you hours a month of waiting on downloads, uploads, streaming videos and surfing. Faster speeds also means you have the bandwidth to get multiple devices online at the same time—everything from your laptop, iPad, to your desktop computer, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii

What Internet speed is right for me?

With so many devices needing a fast, reliable internet connection, getting enough bandwidth to power all of them at the same time is important. The good news is that choosing Ruralnet for your home internet connection is the easy way to guarantee you'll have enough bandwidth for everyone. Ruralnet offers different internet speed packages depending on how much bandwidth you need.

​​Our basic package, the Silver, has download speeds up to 3Mbp. It is sufficient for checking email and surfing the internet. 

​​Our most popular package is the Gold package. If you do a lot of online gaming with friends, download movies or transfer large files, Ruralnet Gold offers download speeds up to 6 Mbps.

​​To find out what speeds are best for you, just call.